A Prisoner's Wife…This is My Story❤


Prison isn’t a sideshow. There are real people trying to keep their relationships alive across the boundaries of prison walls. And though women are often judged and belittled when they stand beside their men in prison, the partnerships that survive... Continue Reading →

Random Reminder!!

Love who you love. The rest of the world can get wit it, or get lost. Simple😘


Exactly one year ago today, in a small prison chapel, I followed through with my very unpopular decision to marry my incarcerated (now husband). Truth be told, from the moment the tone of our conversations switched to marriage, and before... Continue Reading →


Follow the #heartsonlockdown soundtrack on itunes! 2 years in the making, it's a melting pot of our fav love songs(new and old) and its updated OFTEN bcuz we can't get enough of sappy music 😍😘🤗 #thingswedotokeepitinteresting #thecouplethatsingstogether #musicmakesushappy #heartsonlockdown #thesoundtrack... Continue Reading →

The Courage I Needed….

A little over a month away from my 1 year anniversary, and I've been recalling everything that's lead me to this day. The meeting in 2002, the teenage love, the fallout, initial email, the 1st visit, the friendship, the reemmergence... Continue Reading →


Unexpected Walking about handling life's affairs Diligent Worker bee Life planned intricately But funny how the universe has a way of showing you its power Without warning he appears Then reappears Bruised....battered....broken Stepping over isn't an option Looking away is... Continue Reading →

He Said/She Said: Sacrifices

He Said💁🏾‍♂️: The word 'Sacrifice' has many meanings, but I'll tell you what it means to me as it pertains to love, specifically mine. Sacrifice to me is giving parts of you to someone you love that you've never given... Continue Reading →

Sunday Morning Moments

Insha'allah one day we'll be wrapped in each other's arms looking back at this time in our love story and smiling. We'll revel at how all the strength we never knew we had helped push us through this dark time,... Continue Reading →

Don’t Be Silly…

OF COURSE I'd rather come home to him mowin the lawn in grey sweats and a well fitted white tee, but this ain't that (yet). In the meantime, I'll cherish the parts of his soul that he shares w me... Continue Reading →

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