A Prisoner's Wife…This is Our Story❀


January 2017

why are YOU beset with gloom?

One thing I've never done, or at least try not to do is push myself (e.g. my beliefs, views on certain topics, or what I think is acceptable or unacceptable in a given situation) onto others. To me, it seems... Continue Reading →


I grew up in a family of women. Not solely, but girls definitely ran/run the Allison family world. In all my 31 years I have seen the women closest to me engage in relationships, but never anything that made me... Continue Reading →

Monday Blues

 Some days are just harder than others. Despite having "prepared" myself for the ups and downs of this journey, the feeling of missing him will never be an easy one to deal with😟

Is this really my life?πŸ€”

Nearly a year into this "life" I never saw for myself and I still find myself shocked. Once upon a time, I turned my nose up at women who "held their men down" through what seemed to be a series... Continue Reading →

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