Nearly a year into this “life” I never saw for myself and I still find myself shocked. Once upon a time, I turned my nose up at women who “held their men down” through what seemed to be a series of trials, bids, bitches and drama… “these bitches are stupid” I’d say to myself as i scrolled past their posts. Hmph! Life gathered me right up & sure humbled me like you wouldn’t believe. I mean, lol here I am, a well raised girl from the hood who made it out “unscathed”; 2 degrees, a decent job, car, own place….pretty independent. And married to a felon. No, I didn’t meet him on a penpal site lol; once upon a time he was my boyfriend; somewhere around the tender age of 17 he made my heart flutter….and broke it into pieces a year later when he happened to get someone pregnant. ๐Ÿ—ฃWHAAAAAAAAT?! lol yeah some anniversary gift huh? But thats a convo we can save for later lol. 13 years later, life has not only reimbursed him for the pain he put my heart through, but its taught him valuable lessons that transformed the 19 year old hooligan I met on a bus in 2002, into a god fearing, love appreciating, deliberately honest man who’s dead set on getting it right this second time around because in his words “dudes like me don’t get a 2nd chance at their dream woman”. The traits I fell in love with at 17 have been allowed to flourish, he no longer hides his greatness in an effort to fit in with meager minds and I love that about him. Everything I dreamt that love should feel like was brought to me by him in what seemed like a matter of weeks….but how dare I turn it away because it didn’t arrive packaged the way society told me it should be? Anything worth having is worth waiting for, right? Nothing about my connection with this man tells me to run the other way…in fact the uncertainty of it all pulled me in more than I thought possible. The woman, who was seemingly indecisive about almost everything, was now 110% sure that this was love, that this was the man created especially for her,and that she never wanted to go back to life without him. Is this really my life? Yes it is! And I wouldn’t trade it for the world๐Ÿ’‹

xoxo Hadiyyaโค