Just a year ago we were fallin in love, AGAIN lol…. its been an amazingly scary journey so far, but everyday he shows me more & more reasons why he’s worth the wait. I love this man down to the very essence of his existence, and even if no one else understands why…. my heart is ALL HIS❤❤

I understood from the moment the words telling him that I’d stick by his side left my lips, that there would be trying times between now and the end of this portion of our journey. I understood that some days would be harder than others for both of us, and that there’d be more opposition to my decision than support. Just over a year ago I willingly stepped into this role knowing all of this, but trusting that the person who’d be by my side would BE BY MY SIDE. With a smile as wide as the day is long and my happiness his life’s mission; he has yet to let up. Everyday he strives to win my heart, even though he already knows he owns it, the lock, the key AND the safe it’s stored in lol. 

The last year, our first year…. challenged us both in ways that has helped to make us stronger individuals, and an even stronger team. I don’t look back and regret a single moment or decision. I’ve never shared more dreams, fears or secrets with another human. And in those rare moments of disagreement, never has any of those sensitive things been used against me. That matters immensely to me. Having someone, who accepts my “nakedness” and  not only wants to help put my broken pieces back together, but also takes the time to ensure that he’s not creating any new ones along the way. This last year, I’ve been loved down to my soul. I’ve had MY version of love be enough, be accepted, and be appreciated. He is my mirror, reflecting back to me everything about myself that I love aaaaaand even those I’m still learning to accept. I am better … happier … stronger. If you ask me, I could probably definitely take over the world lol. Somehow, all of the things I wanted to do, places in life I wanted to be, risks I thought about taking, I now have an extra push and intensified drive to actually act on. The courage to accept defeat if by chance said dreams don’t work as I expect they would, and still be certain that EVERYTHING will be ok. This love, has strengthened me. If it all fell apart in this very moment, I’d walk away with much more than I came with. This man, who to most is nothing more than another DOC prisoner, adds to my life in a major way…. Insha’Allah a million lifetimes will pass before there’s any end in sight.❤