A Prisoner's Wife…This is Our Story❤


July 2017

This Is Us……

Being in prison and maintaining a relationship is arduous to say the least, but not impossible. Being a prisoner in a committed relationship can put major pressure on both parties, but it doesn't have to. Its up to us to... Continue Reading →


Because I felt like being mushy on a rainy Friday morning❤❤❤

Wednesday Wisdom……

This life isn't for everyone. I was warned ahead of time about the mental, emotional and financial burden that comes along with choosing to wait. Funny thing is I've dealt with people in the past who were in the streets... Continue Reading →

I’m Lit😎

I have yet to birth children of my own. Not for any particular reason, it just hasn’t been my time and I’m fine with that. The universe has still provided me with lots of little people to love, spoil, stuff... Continue Reading →

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