Dear Husband,

Everyday that passes I’m reminded why I choose you. Why no one else will ever compare, and why you deserve every ounce of the love I have to give. I apologize for the times I zone out while you’re talking. The beautiful reality of us still hits me at random times and I can’t help but smile and blush as if it’s the first time you told me you loved me; in those dazed moments, you sound just like the teacher from Charlie BrownπŸ˜‚.

The closer I get to you, the more in love I fall, the more aware I am of the blessing that love is and the gift that you are in my life. I know I tell you often how much I appreciate how you handle me; your deliberate and constant honesty about any & everything. Its refreshing not having to guess or pick at straws trying to figure you out. Please stay that way. Our situation is probably the most unlikely and misunderstood, but I love the pure friendship and unjaded perspective it’s allowed us to have of each other and our lives together. Even in the midst of chaos, I love dreaming with you because I trust that when the time comes, you’re life’s mission will be to make them all come true. I trust you, your judgement and your intentions with me, my heart and my life.

Sometimes, when I listen to our playlist, I find myself on the verge of tears. Yes in part because I miss you, but often it’s simply because I have you. I have this person, this soul, this amazing being in my life that gets me, and appreciates me JUST as I am. Someone who despite being “years away” is set on making sure I know I’m loved and adored in every way possible E-VER-RY DAY! Someone whose smile reaches around his entire head at the mere mention of my name. You’re not present in the way we want you to be, but your presence is always felt and I thank you for making it that way. I thank you for being exactly who you promised to be, for not only having the right things to say, but for knowing the importance of showing and proving as well.

You know the shit. We swoon over each other every chance we get, so none of this is news to you, I just felt like sayin it for the world to hear. I love your imperfect ass, I admire your strength and I believe in our future even if no one else does. I am the best, most truest version of myself with you and you dead ass love every minute of it lol. Just one month into forever and I’m even more excited about our future than ever. I love you Mr. Stribling.

Happy 1 month

xo Mrs. Fu Strib❀️