Back in 2002 when husband was just boyfriend, he would come over to my house all the time. ALL. THE. TIME. Clara worked the night shift, and big brother was out shackin up and makin his own family so…yeah. Husband was still in his baby dreads phase so in between humping like rabbits, taking naps and watchin tv, I’d sometimes twist his hair. One night, while doin his hair and watching videos, this freeway song comes on. I’d heard it before and it was pretty dope, but I guess it was husband’s JAM cuz he went off rappin along like he knew the shit(he was a hooligan tho, so he probably DID know). Why that moment made my lil 17 year old heart flutter even more, I’ll never know, but ever since that moment, Freeway’s *What We Do* feat Jay-Z and Beanie Sigel has been MY. SHIT. Lol, even when our relationship faded, anytime that song came/comes on the radio or in the club….she goes OFF! #allthugeverything

Please expect to hear this song at least 3 good times at our reception when he comes home. It might fuck around and be the song for our first dance. Ctfu!