I’ve gotten “feedback” about every relationship I’ve been in, so hearin it this time around was nothin new. But for obvious reasons, I worried more (than i should have) about what people would say. I don’t remember what triggered the change, but somewhere along our love story I decided not to gaf and just be. Be happy. Be appreciated. Be adored. Be loved. Be IN love wholeheartedly. And its been glorious ever since.

Those times I come across a women afraid to share their love with those close to them because of his incarceration, my heart aches. Not only because I know that place, but because I know the beauty that lies just outside of it and I want them to experience it as well. Its enough sunshine for everyone to be happy on their own terms, so when I hear that someone might lose their shelter because their family doesn’t approve, or has lost their child(ren) because an ex has painted her as unfit to the courts for being in this kind of relationship its heartbreaking, and unfair. Especially for those who otherwise are taking care of their business at home, and /or work.

Kinda like that parent who pushes their child into a career they hate, and never consider how painting, or music, or theater (or whatever other less immediately glamorious career) feeds their child’s soul in ways unexplainable. On one hand you understand the parent’s pov, but seeing that kid miserable, unhappy and uninspired still tugs at you in a major way. This is what I feel some of my fellow pw are subjected to; having to choose between someone who makes them happy but may be a little rough around the edges, and everyone else’s idea of who they should be with. Smh.

I’ll continue to say a little prayer for those in THAT struggle, and proudly fistbump the ones brave enough to toss societal norms aside and follow their hearts. Or those whose families are just that dope that seeing their loved one happy is 1st priority even if they don’t fully understand it. I’d like to think I’m a mix of support and just not givin af. Plus my heart tells me that 99.9% of the people with negative things to say about myself and women like me, are lightyears into a shit show of a relationship, happily about to jump into a shit show(unbeknownst to them), or are simply mad because they went the route the world said was best, and still came up short. #poorliltinktink

My point is, we get ONE life. Guess how much of it should be spent worrying about how outsiders feel about your happiness?