I hate to hear some ppl who’ve been married for years say how “hard” things get as time goes on, or even those that “joke” about their life ending before the wedding even takes place😩 #bishWHERE Marriage- relationships period are only hard if the ppl involved make it that way; i chose this man which means everyday i get to choose him again and again Why? Becuz he’s fuckn amazing… Becuz love is a choice, u choose who to give urs to and whose love you’ll accept without reservation. Of course trials and obstacles come, but as a team the goal should ALWAYS be to tackle them together without tackling each other. Please dont let the bitter Bettys & Bennys (single, married AND divorced) of the world make you think a constant push & pull of bs constitutes real love, or that marriage is a never ending war between 2 souls. The truth of the matter is, raggedy ppl create raggedy relationships. Insha’allah these feelings of excitement, joy, confidence in loving my baby will never fade. I pray we live long and full lives with true love and faith always at the helm. Ameen.🕋

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