When you choose to see the beauty in a flawed human being, there’s nothing and no one that can change your opinion. I admire these two and their love story. Aside from the glitz and glamour of it all, she was in this exact position not too long ago and made the decision to stick by her man’s side. Visit halls, phone calls and emails. It didn’t matter what his name was(before he went away), he was a prisoner now….. stripped down to the basics and she loved him anyway. Reading their love story makes me smile, how they began, how they cultivated a strong and loving relationship despite a prison sentence is inspiring. It lets me know that its possible; happiness, trust, loyalty, fulfillment IS possible in these types of situations. It also made me wonder🤔 How many people who bash women that wait, were happily tuned in to the couple’s big day that recently aired? #yaaaaaassssssbitch🖕🏾And THAT question is the prime reason why I don’t spend much time trying to make people understand my decision to wait. But I digress….

Congrats to Mr. And Mrs. Davis on their perseverance and commitment to each other. Thank you for your authenticity and the inspiration you’ve provided myself and other women like me. Keyshia girl…Enjoy your happily ever after my love…. you deserve it!💋