If there’s one thing about my current relationship that stands out from the rest, it’s the amount of security I feel in my position in that man’s life. Once upon a time, I found myself making a man a priority, while I was just an afterthought for him. Despite living in the same home, I still came last. Cooked, cleaned, supported. Still, last. Then there was the time I was a priority, but couldn’t trust that that same energy was present when I wasn’t around. Smh welp! You live and you learn.

Not having to fight for a space in someone’s life who claims to love you is a beautiful thing. My importance and position is solidified because HE SAID SO; no coercion, no begging, no conditions. I am who I am, and stand where I stand unbothered by outside noise and butt-hurt folks from his or my past. The beautiful thing about two people who’ve experienced (and caused) some pretty bad heart aches in love, is that you both have a personal mission to make each other’s lives better in every way possible.

Is my husband pertect? Nope. And neither is his wife. But there’s not a doubt in either of our minds about the sincerity of the other’s love. He knows EXACTLY what he means to me, and for the first time in my relationship life, I know EXACTLY what I mean to him, where we stand and just how quickly he’ll gather a mf that questions either. πŸ’…πŸ½