Missing him is hard because its never just one thing about him tht I miss. The totality of who he is makes his absence in my day to day life that much harder to endure…..but i honestly don’t expect it to ever get easier during his time away. I guess in a way, I’ve conditioned myself to never get too comfortable when we get a good “routine” goin. I just make the most and best of every call/visit/kiss/hug. Even when we dont like each other too tough, we make it a point to get those emotions out and get “back” to loving on each other quickly. He warned me in the beginning that these relationships are hard/harsh on couples- families period, and that it’d require a special type of strength to endure whatever’s to come. I’m never too strong though to be vulnerable, share my fears or shed a few tears, but having this man in my life makes this chapter so much more bearable; everything he can provide within his current capacity, he does, with 110% ferocity. I wasn’t given this “prison wife” life, i chose it …. willingly. And I’d choose it every time as long as he’s the man exiting those gates when that day finally arrives. ❤

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