A Prisoner's Wife…This is Our Story❤


July 2018


Follow the #heartsonlockdown soundtrack on itunes! 2 years in the making, it's a melting pot of our fav love songs(new and old) and its updated OFTEN bcuz we can't get enough of sappy music 😍😘🤗 #thingswedotokeepitinteresting #thecouplethatsingstogether #musicmakesushappy #heartsonlockdown... Continue Reading →

The Courage I Needed….

A little over a month away from my 1 year anniversary, and I've been recalling everything that's lead me to this day. The meeting in 2002, the teenage love, the fallout, initial email, the 1st visit, the friendship, the reemmergence... Continue Reading →


Unexpected Walking about handling life's affairs Diligent Worker bee Life planned intricately But funny how the universe has a way of showing you its power Without warning he appears Then reappears Bruised....battered....broken Stepping over isn't an option Looking away is... Continue Reading →

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