Walking about handling life’s affairs


Worker bee

Life planned intricately

But funny how the universe has a way of showing you its power

Without warning he appears

Then reappears


Stepping over isn’t an option

Looking away is impossible he’s visible

And without uttering a word his cries are loud and clear

But there’s a plan already in motion

What about the plan?

It never included black roses growing in unkept cracks

Reach higher….choose the “better” ones

They said

THIS was the plan

“I looked there,

Even the ones at the very top

the ones with the most sunshine

and brightest colors bore thorns that left deep pains,

trails of tears and puddles of bloody distrust

Was THAT included in the plan?”

The plan had to be custom made

and not cookie cutter

There’s no wrong way to beautiful

No manual on “the way things should go”

There is NO plan

This rose….imperfect in every way

Still Intrigued

Still Captivated

Though damaged,

it still showed promise

It still possessed a beauty that no other bouquet worthy blossom could match

It was the best version of unpleasant the eyes could ever behold

Petals torn, leaves ripped

This rose had weathered a storm or two

But it still stood strong in all its broken glory

Thorns dull from the battles of life, but still sharp enough to prick the heart

Stem holding on

This rose, this unexpected

Life changing rose was not to be plucked from its misery

Was not to spend its last days in a vase on a kitchen table

This rose was to stay put,

To be left in all its imperfections to inspire

To be proof that god is real

That beauty and strength can be found in unexpected places

And force us to never underestimate the power hiding in the dark overlooked corners of our lives❤️