Exactly one year ago today, in a small prison chapel, I followed through with my very unpopular decision to marry my incarcerated (now husband). Truth be told, from the moment the tone of our conversations switched to marriage, and before he actually asked me to be his wife, my decision was made. When I tell yall my husband different, PLEASE BELIEVE ME, because Miss “ain’t nobody got time for niggas in jail” would not lie to you.

Despite my husband not being home, this past year has been pretty amazing. I’ve faced a few challenges on the homefront and through each and every one, my husband has been there. Wiping tears, encouraging, motivating, daring me to take chances on myself, and making sure I know that no matter what, he’s got my back. This year, he’s been exactly who he promised to be and so much more.

We’re still in amazement. He still looks at my ring, then looks at his, then shakes his head and smiles… “I’m really somebody’s husband”. I’m not sure if its being married, or being married to ME that still has him stumped, but because I’m the kind of person I am, I’ll go with the latter😎.

The craziest thing about it to me is, I thought our wedding day was the pinnacle of love and smittenness. But today, 365 days later I love that man on a whole new level. A whole untouched part of my heart, mind, soul, and patience reserves that I NEVER knew existed, has been tapped into. And I’m pretty sure that in another 365 days, this level that I’m speaking about right now will seem like chump change. And I can’t wait!

Happy Anniversary to Us😍❤💍