You give me something unattainable
A full course meal, fully sustainable
Just think,
some people go a lifetime dreaming,
chasing and wishing to find their equal.
Connect the dots
both willing in submission.
Conversations are deep,
connection unparalleled,
love drunk on your potion.
Hopeful romantic lost in a fairytale,
found on a full heart.
Light found behind dark,
I messed up the first time
but this story has two parts.
Life has a way of preparing the unexpected,
minds full on guard but hearts unprotected.
You cannot find results in any medical records,
but love is coursing through my veins,
I’m fully infected.
So what to do?
Build my foundation,
fortify my fortress,
your spell has been cast,
I’m hypnotized by your portrait.
Grateful to have you in my life,
as a partner and a wife,
living out my dreams with you
each day and every night

 ~Abdur Rauf Qayem