I think many of us tuned in today to the memorial celebration for our fallen soldier Ermias Joseph Asghedom aka Nipsey Hussle. For me, the water works stayed at bay better than I thought, until his love Lauren London spoke. Seeing her stoic demeanor was heartbreaking because I can only imagine how hard this all must be for her.

Seeing pictures and videos of her and Nip together, its no question as to whether or not they were in love….truly, madly, deeply. We all know death is a certainty but we always assume it’ll come when we’ve reached old age, watched our children grow and had time to make more memories than we can recall. My eyes gave in to the heartbreak I’ve been feeling since this tragedy took place, when she shared the personal message she’d written to him via text.

It not only sounded eerily similar to emails I’ve written my husband, but it also spoke to the beauty of experiencing true love. It further confirmed that these feelings I have aren’t unheard of or far fetched. Its possible for another human soul to connect with yours and help give life meaning. I am sad for her loss, but smile knowing that she was able to experience what so many people long for all their lives. True love, where being yourself is more than welcomed. A love that leaves you fuller than any meal ever could, yet there’s always room for just one more bite.

Sending love, strength, and light to Lauren and all of Nipsey’s family. And praying that those of us who only got to experience him from afar are inspired to continue the legacy he started, in our communities and across the globe.

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