Early this week the prison wife community took a loss when Briseida and her 12 year old son Nicholas were involved in a fatal car accident in California.

Events such as this, and those involving deaths of loved ones inside are a harsh reality that anyone on this journey must face. For those of us out here, we worry about the safety and well-being of our loved ones in a place where their humanity is left in the hands of people who sometimes see them only as animals. For those inside, the constant worry of their wives/gfs, children, friends and family members navigating this crazy world without them is an ever present thought. I can guarantee that anyone who cares for someone on either side of the wall prays daily for their loved one to make it through just one more day safe from harm.

Unfortunately not everyone will see the day we all dream about; release day. And sadly, the families of these 2 seemingly beautiful souls are in mourning. I can’t imagine the pain of the father and husband who had to learn of his family’s demise and couldn’t be there in any way. My heart breaks immensely for him and from our family to theirs, we pray that they are given the strength needed to endure this sad time and continue living life as best as possible.

The Hererra-Carreon family is asking for help in covering funeral costs for their loved ones. A GoFundMe page has been created for people to make donations and/or leave a kind word of encouragement. Please give whatever you can to help this family in their time of need.

Thank you

GoFundMe Link for Briseida and Nicholas