We(humanity) are in very trying and uncharted times across the globe as we battle a health pandemic of epic proportions. From the very first days of panic and shock, the madness people exude became so evident and even scary at times….(like, y’all was really brawling over toilet tissue and hand sanitizer🤔)

Anyway, its easy to get sucked into the media frenzy and turn your life upside a bit more than necessary. Having gone through my own personal shit shows over the last 2 years or so, one trait I purposely worked to perfect was how to maintain my sense of peace in the midst of chaos (both internal and external). Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I still have to tap myself on the shoulder and remind myself to reel it in but there’s a true beauty in not drowning yourself in all the negative possibilities.

While most of us stay tucked away in our homes trying to create a new “normal” for the time being, here are a few key things to keep in mind. Be mindful and purposeful in your efforts to maintain your peace, your calm….your sanity through this. I promise you won’t regret not running yourself crazy.

If you can, use this time to regroup and reconnect. Get back in tune with any plans you may have made at the start of the year and defaulted on. Love on your family a lil bit more, its not often(or ever) that we get time like this with the people we actually live with. Use the time to do everything you couldn’t do at home before, or use it to do absolutely nothing, because that’s important too.

We’ve become so accustomed to feeling like we HAVE to be on the go, with packed schedules and minimal sleep to prove we’re living. Let this detour of our regularly scheduled program show us whats most important and what can take a backseat. If we change our perspectives on this, there’s no doubt that many of us will emerge having recovered from more than just Covid-19.

Laugh a little, be kinder than usual to people and be patient. We’re all going through this in our own ways. Check on your folks(near and far) and find something to smile about everyday. I promise it’ll make these days a lot less stressful.

Be safe good people, and I’ll see yall at the happy hour spot once this beautiful disaster ends❤