Another one in the books. We laughed, loved, cried and fought…..but we always find our way back and I pray this is something we never lose sight of in our darkest moments.

After 3 years, my husband still has my heart, still trusts me with his, and still makes a personal point to make me a priority. Corona added a dynamic to our lives that we DID NOT discuss at the roundtable, but thankfully we figured it out….for the most partπŸ™ƒ. Its been almost 7 months since we last held, kissed or just stared at each other, but its a test that shows us just what we’re made of.

Just rounding the shorter end of his sentence and we’re able to start putting some of our plans into motion. It’s exciting and reassuring, to finally see that glimmer of light peeking through; because anybody seriously on this journey can agree that shit can get VERY DARK. So we make sure to celebrate our milestones no matter how big or small, it all matters.

I’ve taken a necessary step back from my Prison Wife soapbox in order to get back to making myself a priority, but the work is still getting done. The love is still at an all time high, and we still find ways to keep things as interesting and fun as possible while “patiently” waiting to hit the ground running.

Along this journey so far we’ve become accustomed to being our own cheering section but we truly appreciate the few people in our lives that root not just for him, and not just for me, but for US as a unit and a union. Super thankful for my husband’s mom & dad for being our biggest supporters, and referees when we irk each other down to the ground. We’d be absolutely crazy right now without them in our corner❀.

Marriage is showing both of us the truest reflections of ourselves and we’ve made the decision to not only be patient with each other while we go through our individual growing pains, but also with ourselves. We’ve both started therapy because we know we’re not perfect, we each have our own flaws, faults and traumas and we realize the importance of addressing those things so we don’t let them spill onto each other unnecessarily. Its truly a journey, and we’re enjoying the ride. I’m sure that in the end, we’ll look back and wonder how we didn’t lose our minds but we’ll also appreciate the strength and the bond that we were able to forge in the fire.

Here’s to a lifetime of forevers with my best friend, homie and co-pilot. I love you husband, I miss you INSANELY and I can’t wait to be in your arms again…let’s keep this party going!🍾πŸ₯‚πŸ₯°πŸ˜˜β€