So, about 4-5 years ago, in an effort to find a fun way to entertain the Mr, I wrote this story (in 3 parts at the time). Decided last January that I’d share it with yall(hubby approved), put it in my drafts and forgot about it🤷🏾‍♀️….let’s just blame Cov!d.



Sasha was experiencing every emotion possible as she thought about the night ahead. After nearly 10 years, she had somehow managed to agree to meet her high school sweetheart for an early dinner date. They hadn’t seen each other since the winter season that they both walked away from their relationship. Thanks to social media, they happened to find each other and vaguely communicate here and there. She’d like a pic of his family, or he’d post a smiley face under her selfie, mostly innocent but for some reason she decided to take their exchange a little further and message him.

“Hey stranger,” she innocently messaged. “Wassup?” He replied, trying to keep his cool, but lowkey about to bust out of his skin. He knew he’d been the cause of their relationship’s demise, but never stopped loving his “Pooda” as he affectionately called her.

A couple of warmup questions later, she finally went for it and asked him out. He was single, she was single, and if she didn’t ask she wasn’t sure that he would have taken the hint that she wanted to reconnect. Faking reluctance, he agreed to meet her at a nice Italian place near the waterfront. It was a decent day, so the setting would be perfect for enjoying each other’s company.

It was a little after 2pm when they set everything up and Sasha was so excited she didn’t pay attention to the fact that she didn’t have anything to wear. With only 2 and a half hours before she was set to meet him at the door of the restaurant, she took to her roommates closet to find a fit. Nicki was a fashion whore in the worst way. Rodeo drive taste with a skid row budget, but somehow she managed to have the latest everything in her closet.

After about 45 minutes of trying on and taking off, Sasha settled on a cute dusty rose colored slip dress and strappy heels. Nicki’s closet was in shambles, but t least she’d be happy for her girl finally getting out of the house and “doing fun things with boys” as she always urged Sasha to do. Hair and makeup was Sasha’s area of expertise, so she wasn’t worried, her classic twist out and a gently beat face would be just as on point as her outfit.

In the shower, she rehearsed her reaction to seeing Tashon again after so long. An innocent smile? A smirk? Hug or handshake? She was so unsure, but hoped her put together would be more than enough to overshadow what she was sure to be her awkward behavior. She hadn’t had a serious boyfriend for about 2 years, and even then she always felt weird. She gave up rehearsing, got out the shower, and proceeded to get dressed.

It was 10 minutes to 5 when Sasha finally finished putting herself together. One last twirl in the mirror and a look of approval as she admired her ASSets. “Hmm guess that gym routine is coming in handy after all ” she said to herself. Just as she reached for the front door, Nicki was busting in, loud and crazy. “Oooo that dress looks FAMILIAR…..and those shoes. “Who you bout to give some pussy to?”

Sasha couldn’t help but laugh, “maybe somebody, maybe nobody” she replied matter of factly. “Well have fun for the both of us then” Nicki said as she slapped Sasha on the ass and walked into the kitchen. “CALL ME IF YOU NEED ME TO PULL UP AND KILL A NIGGA!” Nicki yelled out after Sasha had already walked out the door. “YES MA’AM!” Sasha yelled back. She walked to her car shaking her head at her roommate’s remarks, hopped in, checked her hair and makeup in the rear view mirror, and pulled off….

Part 2

Traffic wasn’t as bad as she expected it to be heading towards the Hoboken area. Sasha wasn’t sure if it was just a coincidence or if she was so nervous/excited about the date that she didn’t pay it any attention. Either way, she arrived about 15 minutes early. Sasha figured since she had a little time, she’d go inside and get a drink. If nothing else, it would definitely help calm her nerves. For some reason, just the thought of Tashon still made her giddy and school girlish inside. She didn’t know why all those years ago, and now all these years later, she was even more unsure.

Anyway, just as she started to get out of the car, her phone went off. It was Tashon calling, “Hello?” she picked up. “Hey, I’m running a little late, maybe 10-15 minutes, can you just get us a table and I’ll be there soon?” Uhhhhm ok, she replied and hung up while rolling her eyes. I guess some things don’t change, she said as she closed the car door and headed inside. Now, she was DEFINITELY getting a drink…may 3. She bypassed the hostess and made a beeline straight for the bar. “Lemme get a double shit of Henny black please?” The bartender couldn’t even greet her before she called out her order. With a smile, and a head shake the bartender poured the drink and slid it over to Sasha, “rough afternoon?” Don’t even ask, Sasha replied as she threw the shot back in one quick motion. “Another?” The bartender asked, as she walked over ready to refill Sasha’s glass. “Nah, it might be a rough evening too, I’ll save some space in case I need to come back later. They both laughed, Sasha left a twenty on the bar and headed to get a table.

Nervousness turned into uneasiness which turned to anger as an hour passed and Tashon still had not walked through the door. The restaurant was starting to get crowded and Sasha started to feel like a fool. She got up to call Tashon, dialing and walking towards the area outside of the front door of the restaurant. No answer. If it was physically possible, fire would have been coming out of her ears. If it was one thing Sasha hated, it was someone not keeping their word. She took a deep breath, and headed back to her car. After 2 years of being bullshit free, the last thing she was gonna deal with was half-assedness from someone she wasn’t even in a fucking relationship with. She shook her head the entire walk back to her car, disappointed in herself for being so gullible. She pressed the unlock button and started to call Nicki as she reached for the door handle, when she felt somebody walk up on her. “WHAT THE FUCK!” she yelled as she turned to see what was going on; To her surprise, it was Tashon. She immediately punched him in the stomach, not too hard but hard enough. “Nigga why is you playin!?” She yelled, “…and get the fuck away from me anyway, had me in that dumb ass restaurant waiting for your stupid ass all that time!” Tashon just stood there and took the verbal lashing. “You knew your ugly ass wasn’t coming when you called, you could’ve just said that instead of wasting my fuckin time!” So I’m ugly? Tashon asked as he reached out to touch Sasha’s arm. “Fuck outta here” Sasha barked back as she yanked the car door open and started to get inside. Just as she got her right cheek on the driver’s seat, Tashon was pulling her back out. He firmly maneuvered her to the rear passenger door and stood in front of her. She was trying so hard to hold onto her anger, but he smelled so good, looked better than she remembered and this gentle aggressive shit was turning her all the way on. With all of that, she stayed stone faced, rolled her eyes and looked away from him as she crossed her arms. “What?!” She asked, still looking away.

Gently, he moved her arms, turned her face back towards him with his finger and said “I’m sorry”. Sasha rolled her eyes again and curled her lips as if to say “yeah whateva nigga”….. Tashon continued anyway. “I was here about 15 minutes before you pulled up, nervous and eager all at the same time. I mean, it’s been hella years and I never stopped thinking about you. Anyway, I saw you pull up in this cute shit looking extra juicy and sturdy in that damn dress and instantly felt intimidated. I figured I’d go get you some flowers…..I mean it was the least I could do to compliment your beauty and show my appreciation for the obvious effort you put into looking like a work of art tonight.” Sasha was fiercely holding back from blushing and still rolling her eyes despite the fluttering going on in her heart. Inside her head tho, “LORD DON’T LET ME LOVE HIM!”

Tashon continued, “it was no parking so I double parked and ran inside the florist spot, they were packed, but I was determined so I waited it out only to come out to a tow truck man hooking my shit up to his trailer. It took me about 20 minutes to convince him to let me slide, then I hit a lil traffic getting back here.” Soooooo, you couldn’t call? Sasha asked. “Or answer the damn phone!” Tashon let out a sigh of defeat, shook his head and replied “yeah I could have, but I was just trying to get here, I wasn’t thinking clear. But I’m here now, and I’m apologizing…..AND I brought you flowers!” Sasha looked around, “I don’t see no damn flowers!” Tashon laughed, “that’s because you knocked them out my hand when you turned around like a fuckin superhero just now.” Sasha laughed too and shook her head, “my bad, but you can’t just be walking up on people like that.” The mood was lighter now, Tashon looked Sasha up and down and replied “well if you had the view I had, you would’ve delayed making yourself known too.”

“Whatever,” Sasha replied finally allowing her blush to come through. “I’m sure our table is taken, and I’m not even in the mood to go somewhere else, so can we just pick this gathering up some other day?” Tashon moved in closer, his cologne damn near putting Sasha in a trance; his beard was well organized and his body was obviously also well kept by the way his shirt hugged his chest and arms just right. Sasha wasn’t up for restaurant hopping, but she would definitely hop on Tashon’s face and ride it until the sun came up if she could.

She snapped out of her daydream. Did you hear me, Tashon was asking. “Huh?” Sasha replied. I SAID we may not have another night so we should make the best of right now, Tashon repeated. Sasha rolled her eyes again, “I’m not going to another restaurant, so unless you have food in your back pocket this night is OVER.”

I’m happy you asked Tashon remarked with a smirk. “It’s not in my back pocket, but it’s pretty close AND we won’t have to go to another restaurant.” Do you trust me? He asked, with his lips damn near touching hers. Sasha’s nether regions were damn near dripping through her panties at this point, even this nigga’s breath smelled heavenly. She didn’t wanna be mad anymore and was sure the night couldn’t get any worse, so she gave in, smiled and replied “Yeah I trust you.”

Tashon walked Sasha to the passenger side door and opened it for her. Of course they walked slowly, he was still admiring the view. Sasha got in without question as to why she wasn’t driving her own car. She sat back as Tashon strapped her in, slowly, purposely brushing up against her breasts. He looked at her, smiled and kissed her soft and slow one good time. She wanted more, right then and there, but he just closed her door, walked around to the driver’s side got in, adjusted the seat and mirrors, and pulled off. At the red light he turned the radio up and to his surprise his best guy John Legend was playing. He smiled, looked over at Sasha, who was still dreamy eyed from his kiss, and pulled off as the light turned green, headed to his “secret location”.

Part 3

Sasha didn’t get too many opportunities to be in the passenger seat so she was low-key enjoying not having to deal with the craziness of non-drivers on the road. The sun was setting, the air wasn’t too thick and there was a nice breeze blowing as they made their way to the secret location. They’d be riding a little while longer so she closed her eyes to relax and prepare for whatever Tashon had up his sleeve. Just as her thoughts begin to replay that kiss for the 4th time, the car stopped and she heard Tashon take the key out of the ignition. “We’re here” he said softly. Sasha open her eyes to find herself in a driveway, the house it was attached to was beautiful. The first thing she noticed was the big porch with the nice big rocking chair. She was in love with it, but confused. “Whose house is this” she asked hesitantly “because you definitely said you lived in Hillside, and this is definitely not that.” Tashon laughed, “it’s my aunt’s house. She travels a lot now since she retired so when she’s away I stop by to check on the house just to make sure nobody tries no slick shit.” With a sideeye, Sasha replied “yeah Ok, I still don’t see no food tho.” Tashon shook his head, “…tuh! greedy ass. Relax, I called in a favor before we got here, everything is set up in the yard. Come on.” Reaching out for Sasha’s hand as she made her way from the passenger side door. Knowing he had enjoyed the view before, she made it her business to walk ahead of him; this time, purposely putting a little extra sway in her step. After that kiss, he deserves a show. Sasha giggled to herself, her thoughts were all over the place and she couldn’t believe how extra she was being. “What’s so funny?” Tashon asked, I wanna laugh too. “Nothing!” Sasha quickly replied “don’t worry about it, just losing my mind a little bit” she said still giggling. Tashon shook his and continued following Sasha to the yard.

He was still mesmerized by the sway of Sasha’s hips when they reach the yard and he heard Sasha say “Oh my God.” He smiled to himself because he knew why she made that remark. He had called to his bro ahead of time to set up the yard for a nice outdoor picnic for 2, set with his aunt’s favorite lamps and slow jams for a nice ambience, and a few small but satisfying food options. His boy was a chef but he also knew a thing or two about decor, so Tashon wasn’t surprised that Sasha reacted how she did. As they stepped into the yard, they both took off their shoes and made their way across the cool grass over to the sitting area. The food was still hot so Tashon figured they arrived just in time to miss his brother leaving. “This looks good” Sasha said as she reached for a towelette to clean her hands off. “Thanks” Tashon responded proudly, “I dibble and dabble from time to time.” Sasha laughed, “boy shut up you know you can’t cook.” Plus you were busy chasing me around the parking lot so when did YOU find time to hook all of this up?” Tashon looked away trying to hide his smile, “yeah whatever nigga” he replied.

They made their plates and decided to sit on the grass instead of at the table. Tashon had gotten them a blanket and Sasha refilled their wine glasses. The food was delicious, so much so that Sasha wondered if he would look at her crazy if she asked to take some home. She loved food, especially good food, hence the reason she spent so much time in the gym. Once they were done eating they sat and talked. By this time, it was nearly 10 PM but they weren’t in any rush. They talked about the relationships they’d been in since they split, family, careers… Everything. The wine had loosened Sasha up so she was extra chatty, but Tashon didn’t care, he could listen to her all night just like when he was a dumb teenager. Sasha’s voice still made the rest of the world fade away. If she talked for 10 years straight, he’d sit there and listen to every word. Sasha looked over and noticed Tashawn smiling to himself. “What?” She asked. “Nothing” he replied, “just taking in this moment. After all this time, it’s like we never skipped a beat. I love how you’re still so much the same. Just a more mature version. Somehow I knew you’d still be amazing.” “Stop sweating me” Sasha said with a slight grin. Tashon shook his head, “you’re still a fucking jerk I see.” Sasha busted out laughing, “who me!?” She asked pointing to herself, “I’m not a jerk, a jerk would have slapped you for kissing her unannounced and without permission.” “Oh is that right?” Tashon asked. “Yeah it is,” Sasha replied with a flirty grin as she took another sip.

“So you didn’t slap me because you’re not a jerk, or because you enjoyed it?” Tashon quizzed. Sasha blushed, “maybe both… maybe you caught me off guard and I didn’t have time to process what was going on.” OK, let’s go with that” Tashon said with a “yeah right” look on his face. He motioned for Sasha to come sit closer to him and she did. He thought she would have put up some kind of fight but she decided to be nicer after she cursed him out already in the lot. “Are you on guard now? Tashon asked. “Huh?” Sasha replied, unsure of what he meant. Just as she looked up to hear his answer, he was planting another one of those kisses on her lips. This time she lingered, placed her hands on the sides of his face, pulled him in closer, and kissed him again. And again… And again, with tongue. Everything felt right and Sasha wasn’t sure what Tashon had in mind, but she decided earlier in the day, that she’d let the night play out however it played out, and so far it was pretty good despite the earlier hiccup. Tashon didn’t say a word and he wasn’t going to either. Sasha’s kisses were familiar her lips were a kind of soft that he never again felt after they split, until now.

After a minute or so they were now both laying on the blanket, face to face. Tashon noticing the innocent look Sasha had on her face. The same smile he remembered her having the first time they were intimate. The day she gave him her innocence. Only this time he knew he had to proceed carefully. The last thing he wanted to do was treat Sasha how he treated so many of the women, she deserved better from him. “Are you sure? ” He asked. Sasha stood up, pulled the straps of her dress over her shoulders, and let it fall to her feet. Wearing nothing but her panties and a sly smirk, she replied “I’m sure.” Tashon was more than shocked, the Sasha he remembered would never have been so daring, or blatantly confident about her sexuality… Or her body. But this adult Sasha seemed to have an abundance of both. Whatever it was, Tashon loved it, and even though his dick was already hard before she stood up, it was now harder than it had ever been. Tashon got up, pulled Sasha in close, and kissed her as his hands explored her lower back and ass. No wonder that view was so glorious. Sasha had clearly taken her body seriously, and her ass was already amazing, now it was perfect and had some extra womanly thickness.

Tashon picked Sasha up and tossed her over his shoulder like a bag of laundry and carried her into the house. She giggled the entire time “where are you taking me?” She asked as he made his way through the house. Even though everything was upside down, Sasha could see that the house was even more beautiful than she could have imagined. At the end of the first floor hallway, Tashon opened a door and turned on the light… Just enough to see, but not all the way and then put Sasha down. The room was immaculate. As Sasha stood there making out her new surroundings, she heard the shower come on. Walking towards the bathroom, she asked “boy what are you doing?” Only to walk in and find Tashawn fully undressed standing under the shower head. Sasha smiled with an excitement she couldn’t hide if she wanted to. She knew the magic his dick possessed and was sure its powers had only gotten better with time. His body was heaven sent. Every muscle, every vein, every inch, proof of God’s goodness. Sasha open the shower door, and stepped inside, panties still on but she didn’t care. They kissed more, deeper and slower. This was a moment they both thought about over the years, and now it was here. Not caring that her hair was getting wet, Sasha looked up at Tashon and told him, “I missed you.” Melting on the inside, he replied, “I missed you too baby.” And kissed Sasha again while pulling her panties down.

Once they were off, he slid his hand down to her pussy. She was smooth, soft, and wet. Sasha moved her leg and lifted her heel slightly so he could have full access to her while she gently stroked his dick. The anticipation was high for both of them. Tashon slowly turn Sasha around and begin kissing her neck, working his way down her back to the top of her ass. Sasha was like silly putty at this point. Tashon lifted Sasha’s leg and put it up on the marble shower seat spreading her ass cheeks apart just enough so the pink of her pussy was also visible. He then began to devour her. Starting at her pussy, he licked and kissed it the same way he kissed her lips. Sasha was in heaven, not only was she enjoying this pleasure but she was eager to please him as well. Just when she thought he couldn’t feel any better he moved back to her ass and begin doing tricks with his tongue that damn near made her knees buckle. After about two minutes, Tashon stood up and rubbed his dick across Sasha’s ass. Sasha arched her back, and Tashon, with one hand on her lower back slowly slid his rock hard dick inside. The warmth, the moisture, and Sasha’s moans turning him on more and more. Every stroke better than the last. It seems like the wetter she got, the tighter she got. Tashon was in heaven, but little did Sasha know, this was just the warm-up. Tashon didn’t want to drag the shower scene out any longer, he loved the way Sasha felt, but he wanted to taste her more.

He slowly pulled himself out of her and planted a soft kiss on the back of her neck as he reached over to turn the shower off. Sasha was still breathing deep with her hands against the shower wall. She wanted more, Tashon turned her around and kissed her softly. “That was nice,” Sasha said with a shy smile. “You think so?” Tashon asked, already sure about his abilities. “Yeah I think so” she said as she kissed him again. They both stepped out of the shower and headed towards the bed. Tashon grabbed the remote for his radio and turned on Ro James’ Burn Slow. The lights were still dimmed, and he could make out Sasha’s silhouette as she stood naked by the bed. Tashawn tossed the remote and walked over to her, dick still at attention from part one of their session. He motioned for Sasha to lay down, but she refused. Gently kissing him and softly whispering for him to shhhhhh, she grabbed his dick and smiled. Sitting on the bed, she was now face to face with it and nearly drooling. She stroked it a few times, never breaking the little eye contact they had in the dimly lit room. Even as she kissed it, she kept her eyes locked on him. Tashon tried to win the staring contest but Sasha had some shit with her, and her mouth felt almost as good as her pussy. He closed his eyes, and Sasha went to work. She didn’t know how he would look at her after this night, if it was a hit and run thing for him or not. But she was sure, he’d never forget it.

Inhibitions slowly melting away as she licked, sucked and stroked Tashawn’s dick. His hand was now on the back of her head as he fucked her face, Sasha loving every moment of it. The tears, the spit the sounds of her gasping and breathing deeply as she repeatedly swallowed every inch of him; even his moans. It was all the encouragement she needed to please him like never before. After a while Tashon was on to what she was trying to do, so he pushed her off of him, gently of course. Sasha just giggled as she slid back on the bed with a sneaky smile, and biting her bottom lip. Tashon crawled over to her, kissed her and gently opened her legs and slid himself inside. “Sssssss” was all he heard as he slid each inch inside.10 long strokes with all he gave her before making his way down to her pussy. Before Sasha could gather herself from those deep strokes and wet kisses on that sweet spot on the side of her neck, she felt his lips on her other lips. The warmth of his mouth sending a chill up her spine. Tashon was the first person to ever please her in this way when they were younger so she knew he was talented but time had definitely allowed him to perfect his craft. Within a few minutes, Sasha was squirming and pulling at the sheets. She gave up trying to push him off because the more she pushed, the tighter he held her. It was like he had three tongues. The music, the lighting, the anticipation, the tension from earlier in the day, all added to the intensity of the moment.

Sasha could feel her heart speeding up as Tashon sucked and licked her pussy like it was his last meal. Her breath steady, she could feel a rush of energy in her pussy and she moaned his name and told him to “stay right there baby.” He did just that. Sasha tightened her pelvic muscles and breathed deeply, as Tashon continued pleasing her. “Baby I’m about to cum” she said between breaths. Tashon tightened his grip on her thighs, and kicked his tongue into overdrive. Sasha grabbed Tashon’s head as her legs begin to shake, “baby I’m cumming!” she yelled out, but he kept licking despite her thighs tightening around his neck and damn near pulling his head off. She squirmed, and moaned as her body jerked in pleasure. She looked down at Tashon who was still between her legs, she could only vaguely see the white of his eyes through the darkness, but she could tell he was looking back up at her in just much pleasure as she was. He gave her clit one last suck, a soft kiss, and finally let go of her thighs.

He had a slick grin on his face as he crawled back up and kissed Sasha on the breast, then on her lips. “Are you ok” he asked? She flirtatiously rolled her eyes, “whateva nigga, come here” she barked, gently pulling him towards her, and him not resisting at all. She kissed him some more as she positioned herself on top of him. She could feel his dick rub across her ass, so she slowly begin to grind on him as they continued to kiss; the scent and taste of her own juices on his lips turning her on more and more. Sasha sat back and moved her hair around her head sensuously. She was just trying to give him a better view of her titties, and he was paying full attention. As he reached up to caress them, she could feel his dick jumping for joy. She giggled… Leaned over to kiss him, and at the same time lifted herself just enough to grab his dick through her thighs, and slide it in. Slowly, she lowered herself. Inch by glorious inch, she hissed and moaned the deeper he went. Halfway in, Sasha slid up and on it again. Her pussy making the same sound as big momma’s famous Mac and cheese with each stroke. The head of his dick was the best part for her; it was thick, meaty, stretched her pussy perfectly, and massaged her insides like nothing she’d ever experienced before. Tashon’s eyes rolled back, her pussy was overflowing with wetness and warmth. Sasha slowly lowered herself down onto his dick, and once it was in she just sat there rubbing his chest and looking at him, still with his eyes closed.

As she begins to work her back, Sasha gently asked “are you ok?” “Yeah baby I’m ok” he replied. Good, Sasha said as she begins to do her magic. Gently rocking while stroking and gripping his dick with every motion. She still managed to keep her rhythm even as she leaned over to kiss him on his neck purposely moaning right next to his ear, she remembered how crazy that drove him. And it still did. “Baby you feel so fucking good” he said, eyes still closed. “I do?” She asked, “well she must only get this excited for you, because I’ve never heard that compliment before,” still kissing on his neck. The sound her pussy made with every stroke was driving Tashon crazier than the actual feeling of being in it. Sasha’s, was the wetter than any he’d ever been in, and he wasn’t sure he could he could hold back his any longer, but he definitely tried. Keeping his eyes closed and grabbing Sasha’s waist, he maneuvered her so his strokes were long and deep. He could feel her trying to take control between moans and sighs, and after a while he let her. Sasha was an animal, riding and bouncing on Tashon’s dick like she owned it. She stopped to spin around into reverse cowgirl and gave Tashon the best view ever. That walk from the car didn’t compare to what was in front of him at this moment. Sasha let him enjoy the view for a while before turning back around and slowly grinding. Tashon was ready to tap out.

He wrapped his arms around her back and begin throwing dick in her savagely. Her moans, his moans, their bodies intertwined; it was euphoric for them both. “Are you gonna cum for me baby?” Sasha asked as her ass bounced up and down on Tashon’s dick. He didn’t respond but was still going, his grip tightening. “Cum for me baby” Sasha whispered as she gently kissed his neck and tugged at his ear lobe with her teeth. He let out a growl, “FUCK! this pussy is so good baby” he yelled as his pace sped up. Sasha moaned and bounced her ass more with every stroke he tossed her way. For the first time she felt the feeling of an orgasm coming on while being penetrated. “Oh my God I’m gonna come again!” she said… “oh my God Oh my God, im gonna cum again! Cum with me baby she begged.” Sasha could feel the explosion coming and as it overtook her body she repeated, “cum with me daddy.” Tashon responding by gripping her ass tighter and pounding just a little harder. “I’m cumming baby!” he said as his legs tightened. Just as he exploded inside her, he felt Sasha’s juices spilling down his dick.

She collapsed on his chest, he was still holding her tight; both trying to gain control of their breath surprised about how the night turned out, but happy with everything that took place. They were both where they want it to be, with exactly who they wanted to be with. In each others arms, sweat and lives; they fell asleep.