Husband sent me this sweatshirt a few years ago. It BARELY has his scent on it anymore, but it still makes me feel closer to him knowing the material was once up against his skin. A feeling I’ve been yearning for for almost 2 years now. Since the start of CVD19 (the serious CVD19 , not the early CVD19 when they told us we didn’t need to worry) our in-person interaction has been either non-existent, or from 6ft away with a mask (no hugging, no kissing, no touching AT ALL). Can you imagine? The amount of self-control and mindfulness it takes to remember NOT to touch your spouse?๐Ÿ˜” Ugh… this sweatshirt is the closest I’ve been to him, and I wear it often… to run errands, to lounge around the house or to sleep in on colder than usual nights. It’s definitely not enough, but its what I have to hold onto for now that makes me feel like he’s not so farโค…..