Five years and 80+ entries later🥵…It seems like just yesterday I’d built up the courage to tell the world (and myself) that I was in love with a prisoner and proud about it. Today, we’ve reached the 5-year blog mark and I must say “Go ME!”. This outlet has been my therapy, inspiration and my baby…. it’s a pretty big deal. And although at time I may go months on end without posting (you know, because…life) I still read through the years of entries and relish in how far I’ve come. As a wife, and more importantly as a woman (Sis been growing up and loving the experience for the most part). This journey has not been the easiest but blogging my/our experience has definitely helped me/us give words and meaning to a relationship dynamic most people only hear about in side convos, or on shows that only depict those making a mockery of themselves. We appreciate our readers near and far, whether you found us by accident or were actually looking for someone to relate to on your own journey. Thank you for tuning in, for the inquiries, insight and for being brave enough to express your own vulnerabilities (my DMers, I see you and your secrets are safe with me🤐) Our wait is slowly but surely winding down, but we plan to keep sharing our experiences and welcome you all to continue tuning in and cheering us on. Here’s to 5 years! 🍾🥂🎊❤