Because everybody doesn’t “get it” and I’m not equipped with enough patience to help them understand…..

I decided that although our love story is unique and non-traditional, it still has the power to inspire people in more ways than one, to go against the grain and take a chance on something bigger than themselves; be it love, or some other drug.(I hope that last part made sense because it sounded hella good to meπŸ˜‚). My hope is that this blog brings light, compassion and perspective to relationships that have to evolve on borrowed time, and operate in a setting where privacy doesn’t exist. Relationships that may not look like the ones we see day to day, but are very real and exist nonetheless. Be inspired, be moved, but most of all be open-minded. This is my story, my point of view and my heart on display. Enjoy❀️ Hearts.On.Lock.Down